Complete Fierce & Focused resume revamp

Creating a resume is easily one of the most mundane parts of your job search. Leave the not-so-fun work to me, the Certified Professional Resume Writer. Your resume will get noticed and be personalized to you.

Things to know about the fierce resume revamp service:


→ 2-3 weeks

I work to create your resume as quickly as humanly possible. If you need your resume to be made in 5-7 business days, please select “expedited” at checkout

→ Get through ATS Systems

ATS Systems scan resumes for pertinent keywords before it even makes it in front of a human being. I can help you hack your way toward making it through the ATS system with a high keyword match score.

→ I will have some questions for you

I need to know about you in order to write about you! I’m going to send you a questionnaire as a first step in the process to ensure I get every piece of information that could be relevant to your resume.

→ I may reach out 

It may be necessary for us to check in frequently to clarify points in your resume

→ What do I get?

You may receive a font package to install so that you can easily edit the resume at your leisure. You’ll also receive a first draft, I’ll gather your feedback, and I’ll make tweaks as necessary.

→ Final walk through

When you book a resume revamp service, we go ahead and set up a date and time for me to walk you through your new resume so that you can confidently explain what’s on it to a recruiter or hiring manager.

→ Katy, what if I want to update my resume on my own, I just need guidance?

Great question! I recommend taking my Fierce Resume Revamp online course (coming soon!) or snagging the Resume Feedback service 


Resume Revamp Service: $85.00

Expedited Completion: $10.00 – $15.00 additional cost depending upon urgency