How it works

What is career coaching?

Most commonly, career coaching is a matter of counseling an individual on their career choices, activities that can help them move into a career, and providing job search guidance. I like to think of career coaching as opportunity influencing. I work with you to ensure the most potential opportunities are presented to you.

How is career coaching different from life coaching?

Coaching has some consistent fundamental themes. The main difference is that the emphasis on career coaching is mainly: how can we get you a fantastic job? Whereas, life coaching is about what aspects of your life are working and which ones aren’t? In either type of coaching, you can expect to make some changes and create shifts for your life.

Do you require any sort of commitment?

Although I don’t make it mandatory, I do suggest that my clients work with me for a minimum of three months.

Why should I hire a coach?
  • You’ve been trying things on your own and it’s not working
  • You want to take some sort of professional goal to the next level
  • You feel a little lost
  • You realize that life outside of formal education is a little aimless and want some structure!
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