The Boomerang Effect

I am not sure where to begin.

Let’s begin at the beginning, I suppose.

“You will be here at 8:00am and leave no earlier than 5:00pm. Anything otherwise, and I’ll be sure [name removed] knows about it.” Suffice to say, I had a micro-manage-y dotted-line boss. It was not fun for me. I got extremely good work done, and I ran at 8:00am, showered, ate, and was in work around 10:00am on a typical day. That is, up until the world came crashing down by Cruella Devil. I checked in with a to-do list of what I was going to be doing that day, rushed around from 6:30am to 8:00am to appease my dotted-line boss, and tried to not be miserable.

I was at the one end of the spectrum known as: prisoner to my work and hating everything. So, the moment it was an option for me, I boomeranged to the other side: FREEDOM. Freedom in the form of running my own business. Freedom to work from 10am to 7pm. Freedom to work my ass off Monday – Thursday, so that I could have Friday through Sunday to enjoy my life.

Suddenly, that freedom transformed into an immense lack of structure that was foreign to me. Pile that on with my ADHD (yes, I’ve been formally diagnosed and take medicine for my disorder), and you have someone who has no idea how to take charge, run a business, and make shit happen. I was lost.

In a way, I felt like a fraud. I am fierce and focused. In all of my jobs, I’ve been fiercely focused. My lifestyle is go-go-go and I love it that way.

Nowadays, I do a bit of everything. I push myself outside of my comfort zone. Here’s what I’ve been working on as of late:

  • Working with Packback to recruit top sales talent
    • Looking to work in an Education Technology company in Chicago? e-mail me!
  • Working with Diapers to Desk be a well-known resource for moms who are returning to the workforce.
    • I edit videos used in an online course
    • Create marketing and an overall content strategy to show off D2D
    • Set up e-commerce for Diapers to Desk so that others may opt in to their services
  • Working with Lead from Love to streamline their marketing tactics
  • Working on resumes and cover letters; this is true to what Fierce & Focused was founded on
  • Providing career coaching and providing negotiation coaching to clients
  • Creating brand guidelines for companies and organizations
  • Speaking at Diversity and Inclusion workshops in New Orleans

I own it: I’ve fallen off the radar. But, I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I am trying to navigate the Fierce & Focused path. The one that is full of passion, full of to-do lists that make you fired up, and full of determination.