So, you got rejected from a job…

Way back when I first started in recruiting (this was 2012, mind you) the company I worked for had acronyms for a bunch of things I didn’t understand. They also had ancient operations.

One of these ancient practices and acronyms was “sending a TBNT letter.” Yes, you read that right. We sent actual letters in the mail to let someone know they did not get the job they had been interviewing for.

The TBNT part? It stands for “thanks, but no thanks.” Yeah……..

Anyway, I learned a lot over the subsequent three years of working in recruiting. I can confess that on one or two occasions, I would interview someone, then go through the process of scheduling the rejection e-mail to be sent two days later, only I didn’t delay the sending, and I would send the e-mail minutes after interviewing the candidate. Crap.

Being a candidate and getting rejected from a job you really want is freaking tough. It can make you feel like you’re not good enough, like all of the things you critique about yourself may actually be true, and best of all, there isn’t a perfect way to cope.

Here’s some advice, or maybe just some stuff I would try to get back up and brush my shoulders off:

  1. Listen to a playlist that gets you feeling confident all over again. Do a little dance while you’re at it.
  2. Apply to twenty jobs or send ten outreach e-mails.
  3. Reflect on the things you did well in the interview process. Make a note of the things that could have gone better.
  4. Go sweat out your frustration. Run faster than your fears and criticism.
  5. Build a list of reasons why companies want to hire you.
  6. Remember that there are tons of reasons why companies don’t move forward that don’t always have to do with you. (i.e. money, timing, etc.)
  7. Ask the company if they have any feedback that they can offer you.

If all else fails, have a pint of ice cream, watch a movie that makes you laugh, and start over the next day. You’ve got this. 👊