Fierce & Focused has launched!

I am so freaking excited to tell you about the launch of Fierce & Focused, LLC. Fierce & Focused is on a mission to make the job search enjoyable and strategic. I challenge you to think outside of the quadrilateral parallelogram.


Why be Fierce & Focused?


I do all of that through:

  • My Fully Fierce & Focused Online Course & Coaching Program
  • Resume Writing (or Resume Feedback) as a service
  • Personalized Hourly Career Coaching


If that wasn’t enough, I will gladly:

  • Share playlists to put some pep in your step
  • Be attending events around Chicago
  • Hosting live webinars
  • Blog about topics that matter
  • Help you grow a business you’re building through graphic design and/or business development

This literally would not have been a possibility for me if it were not for Amanda Porter, Bree Pear, Dev Bootcamp and my mentors there, Amy Landry, and so many others.


Feel free to create e-mail introductions! My e-mail is [email protected] and you can even copy and paste this template (if you’d like)

Hi [friend]!


I want to introduce you to Katy, a focused career coach with a love for strategy through her company, Fierce & Focused. I think you two would really get along, so I’ll let you both take it from here.


Get in touch here: