Career Glasses

Every day, we wear a pair of glasses. Figurative ones. They are called perspective.

If someone were to recently go through a breakup, they may say that they are seeing reminders of their former significant other everywhere they turn. This is because your lenses are clouded by a perspective that mainly revolves around your recent breakup.

Think about how this would play out in the job world. If you’re convinced that you’re never going to find a job and that the only person out there who can find a job quickly is Stephen because he has a great resume, then you’re probably operating in a very specific way based on your lens in which you’re viewing the world.

This is not to say that job searching is all roses and rainbows, but it’s a quick vision check. Is your vision blurry thanks to a particular belief you’re clinging to about finding a job?

“Networking is the worst!” can mean that you will likely go to that event tomorrow and won’t enjoy it very much.

Here are some affirmations from Lindsay Mustain:
I am worthy of a great job offer.
The right job is out there.
I am a great employee. I can bring value to a team. An employer would be grateful to have me.
I am an asset to an organization.
A job that fulfills me is just around the corner.

Check yo self perspective before your wreck yo self perspective.